Weed Manufacturer in Canada

Cannamedical Pharma Weed Manufacturer in Canada

Entrepreneurs named David Henn and Niklas Kuparanis discovered this young market on time and founded their company. David Henn founded “Cannamedical Pharma” in November 2016, just two months before the “Cannabis Act” for medical purposes in Germany. This is one of the four import companies licensed by the Federal Department of Narcotics to deliver medical Weed to Germany. They started out as a small office in the heart of Cologne, but in the future they are aiming to become the number one commercial partner for Weed manufacturers worldwide.

Medical Weed need to show a big leap to the counterparts and manufacturers have faced a big problem. For the managers of Cannamedical Pharma a single target is valid: Despite the bottleneck in supplying patients to continue to meet the needs of high quality medical Weed. “At present, there is only one producer in Europe, and it is making production in the Netherlands. This is the only manufacturer in Europe to meet the growing demand of medical Weed, but it is not possible to realize it,” says Niklas Kuparanis, sales manager at Cannamedical. When Kuparanis looks back, the buy Weed online in Germany emphasizes that the need is underestimated, while the other is liquidity, and he says that all the buy weed online from the Netherlands must be paid in advance to the Medical Cannabis Agency (OMC) there.

Cannamedical Pharma officials expect many things to change in 2018 and their businesses will grow even more. In the long term, they will work with a partner they can cooperate and supply guarantee, so they will meet all the medical needs of Weed in Germany.


22 tons of Buy Weed Online Operations

Cannamedical Pharma will import the products of a Canadian company in the future. In Canada, the United States and Israel, Weed-producing companies have billion-dollar markets. Canada and the Netherlands The main countries that ship to Germany.

Importers are expected to meet the needs of 30 thousand serious patients in Germany in 2018 to buy weed online. It is estimated that there are 10 thousand people who buy Weed online due to general health insurance, 20 thousand people who are dependent on private health insurance, and 30 thousand patients who pay in their own pockets.

Niklas Kuparanis, sales manager of Cannamedical, says that in 2018, only about 22 tons of Weed will be imported to meet the needs of up to 30,000 patients. Kuuparanis Weed will be collecting in the central part of Germany, the name of a secret place will be kept in the words, he added.

buy weed online - cannabis
buy weed online – cannabis

Strict controls on selling and buying weed online

Weed manufacturers are obliged to meet the quality standards of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice), which are quality assurance, production stages and place of production. This is because weed medicine is the highest quality that heavy patients need.

Cannamedical company actually wants to do the production itself, and here also sees a commercial area. In Germany, the production control of the Federal Narcotics Department of the Cannabis Agency ( cannabis canada ). The tender conditions of this agency are problematic in one point: The requirement of the producer to prove that he has already cultivated or produced Weed has been stipulated. However, weed cultivation in Germany is not legal! In Canada, we are both legally in cultivation as well as buy weed online in the legal situation. What happens in the following years is unknown, but currently weed sales in Canada need to be freed both the patients and the people of Canada seem to have greatly relieved. Although there are strict controls in Canada, the country lives in prosperity with the weed slogan for health.