Weed Manufacturer in Canada

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Cannamedical Pharma Weed Manufacturer in Canada Entrepreneurs named David Henn and Niklas Kuparanis discovered this young market on time and founded their company. David Henn founded “Cannamedical Pharma” in November 2016, just two months before the “Cannabis Act” for medical purposes in Germany. This is one of the four import companies licensed by the Federal

Effects of using weed or medical marijuana

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Harmful effects of using weed or medical marijuana Weed is known for its negative effects on mental health. It is stated that the possibility of developing psychological disorders such as schizophrenia and anxiety is increased and the symptoms are exacerbated in people with bipolar disorder. Suicidal ideation is more common among weed users. In addition,

In New Jersey this month weed can be legalized!


The governor of New Jersey is voting for the use of legal weed. New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy announced on Tuesday that he has signed an agreement with the legislative leaders to legalize the adult weed. Lawmakers expect the vote on March 25, and Murphy may sign a draft law after the vote. After a